Ocean Witness Ernestine Perline, Madagascar

“Many people in the community now realize that good fishing practices are the future of our village.”

Ocean Witness Jack Sagumai, Papua New Guinea

“People talk about leaving a better planet for our children, but we need to leave better informed children for our planet.”

Ocean Witness Patricio Merino, Chile

“I am doing what I like most: protecting our coast and ocean.”

Ocean Witness Siti Norazliyana Ali, Malaysia

“We train community members to become citizen scientists.”

Ocean Witness Manuela Leal Sánchez, Spain

“The conservation of our fishery is based on the protection of the fishing grounds — we do not see a future without a marine reserve.”

Ocean Witness Julián Marcial, Ecuador

“The ocean not only provides for us today; we have to leave something for tomorrow.”

Ocean Witness Samson Obiene, Madagascar

“I see it as my duty to protect our ocean so future generations will not suffer because of us.”

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