WWF CCI Impact Report 2020-2023

The Coastal Communities Initiative Impact Report showcases the impact that this initiative had across 29 countries and 128 sites where it is currently active and from the past 3 years.

WWF CCI Strategic Plan 2024-2026 Summary

The Coastal Communities Initiative, is a call to action. It arises from the reality that to safeguard our coastal ecosystems and chart a course towards a sustainable future, coastal communities must become architects of transformation, at the heart of a global movement that bends the curve on biodiversity loss and catalyses a new era of community-led conservation.

Community Conservation Enterprises E-learning

The WWF Community Conservation Enterprises (CCE) E-learning course combines the knowledge from the Nature Pays Practitioner Guide with additional business concepts and tools. Practitioners working with CCEs in any sector can gain skills to build a more resilient future for local communities.

WWF CCI Mid-term Evaluation Summary: Scaling Towards a Healthy Ocean

This is a summary of a third-party evaluation of the first phase of WWF’s Coastal Communities Initiative (CCI) from July 2020 to December 2022. The aim of the evaluation was to track the value, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and sustainability of the initiative at local, national, regional and global levels; to explore the challenges encountered and how best to address them; and to consider how WWF can operate more effectively.

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