Coastal Communities Scaling Platform

  • What is the Coastal Communities Scaling Platform?

    The Coastal Communities Scaling Platform is a knowledge-sharing tool developed by practitioners for practitioners. The interactive map helps to showcase the impact of collective action by WWF, communities and partners on the ground. It also documents the implementation of scaling strategies, so we make smarter investments and decisions for the oceans of tomorrow.

  • Why use the platform?

    The initiative’s impact is measured in terms of biodiversity, governance, social and economic indicators. By filtering sites according to each aspect of the “5-Point Plan,” you will be able to identify exemplary sites where success in that particular area has been achieved.

    Linked to each site, you can also download toolkits, guides and manuals developed by practitioners across 29 countries to further build your capacity.

  • How do I use the platform?

    The data viewer includes a map layer, site-specific facts and reference data. Maps can be opened according to key themes or geographies. The navigator enables you to add or remove any additional map layers as you explore. Use the dashboard to view key data analytics and statistical charts showing impact and trends filtered by site, country and seascape. Progress is assessed using a framework termed the “5-Point Plan,” which relates to five key areas of coastal community-led conservation:

    1. Self- or co-management rights secured in national policy
    2. Self- or co-management operationalized
    3. Small-scale fisheries management
    4. Effective spatial management and habitat restoration
    5. Community socio-economic resilience

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