Managing fisheries together: How co-management gives fishers and their communities a say in their own future

One of the first issues that Barbara Orlando, president of the fisher cooperative in Porto Cesareo – a fishing village in the south of Italy – had to discuss when she joined the newly established co-management committee was the need for a reduction in fishing pressure in the local marine protected area (MPA), to allow depleted stocks to recover.

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Putting back today to catch more tomorrow

In a small-scale scampi fishery, scientific research is supporting sustainable practices was a smart investment in the future of Croatia’s most iconic seafood.

Ocean Witness Manuela Leal Sánchez, Spain

“The conservation of our fishery is based on the protection of the fishing grounds — we do not see a future without a marine reserve.”

Portraits of Change: Turkey | Emine & Osman

Small-scale fisheries and aquaculture are key to food security, livelihoods and a sustainable oceans future. These are their stories of resilience in the face of climate change and a changing ocean.

Setting a fishball rolling towards smarter seafood markets

WWF is working with small-scale fishers to create more value from their catches

Fishing in the time of climate change

The economy and biodiversity of the Mediterranean are being threatened by new invaders

Fishing less and earning more

WWF is piloting a new kind of tourist experience that gives fisheries sustainability a boost

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