Opinion: Our ocean provides, but is not an endless bounty, by Ghislaine Llewellyn

For some people, putting a value on nature is deeply unsettling. How can one species — humans — put a price on the exquisite diversity of life with which we share our planet?

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Opinion: The UN Ocean Conference from the eyes of a cautious optimist, by Maria Honig

The UN Ocean Conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal, the last week of June, after two years’ delay due to COVID-19. Maria Honig attended the highly anticipated event and came away with a mixture of disappointment and cautious optimism.

Opinion: Celebrating our newest human right, by Maria Honig, Umair Shahid, and Sadaf Sutaria

Congratulations. You are the bearer of a newly recognized human right. In October this year, the Human Rights Council recognized that having a clean, healthy and sustainable environment is a human right.

Opinion: Women are changing the tide for sustainable fisheries, by Maria Honig

“My goal is to set an example as a fishing community that has a high quality of life for both men and women, while taking care of our natural resources.” says Sara Garrido, president of Chile’s National Corporation of Artisanal Fishing Women. Sara makes her living harvesting seaweed in Coliumo, on Chile’s central coast.

Celebrating small-scale fishers, by Nicolás Fernández Muñoz

A summit of small-scale fishers is gathering in Rome ahead of the FAO’s Committee on Fisheries (COFI) meeting. Nicolás Fernández Muñoz, President of RIPAPE, a network of small-scale fishers representing more than 20 million fishermen and fisherwomen, will be there. WWF asked him five questions about the summit.

Asia pacific: Save For Our Oceans’ sea of women

In the Solomon Islands, where 90% of men and half of all rural women are engaged in fisheries work, fish is naturally a primary source of nutrition. For most families, nearly 60% of all animal-based protein in their diet comes from the oceans. Hardly surprising, of course, when you consider that the Solomon Islands lie in the warm and productive seas of the Coral Triangle, where nutrient rich currents feed diverse coral reefs, which in turn supports over one-third of the world's reef fish species.

Asia Pacific: Changing mindsets women’s leadership in resource management in the Solomon Islands

Constance Sori is from Leona Community on Vella la Vella, one of many islands in Solomon Islands’ Western Province. She is one of the most trusted women in her community when it comes to managing the communal savings system. She speaks with confidence at a symposium that has brought together over 40 women from coastal communities in the province.

Asia pacific: Brokering partnerships and building relationships for conservation and community development

Lavenia Naivalu is on a mission. Quite simply, her mission is to feed her people – now and in the future. Run a search for Nacula in Fiji, and your screen will be awash with images of clear blue waters, white sandy beaches and advertisements for resorts offering paradisiacal holidays.

Portraits of Change: Chile | Zoila Bustamante

Small-scale fisheries and aquaculture are key to food security, livelihoods and a sustainable oceans future. These are their stories of resilience in the face of climate change and a changing ocean.

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