The Social Responsibility Assessment Tool
Co-developed as a collaborative resource by more than two-dozen organizations, the Social Responsibility Assessment (SRA) Tool is a human rights due diligence tool designed to move principles to action in industrial and small scale fisheries, improving working conditions and wellbeing for fishers and communities. The SRA is used to assess risks of social issues, uncover critical information gaps, identify areas in need of improvement, and inform the development of a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) work plan that includes a social element.
MERMAID is an online-offline web application for coral reef data collection. Our mission is to allow coral reef scientists to efficiently collect clean coral reef monitoring data. Users can register, create profiles and join projects with their teams as they collect field data offline through common transect methods. We believe that clean, standardized monitoring data, processed quickly and stored centrally and securely, can transform and accelerate coral reef conservation.
ABALOBI* is an African-based social enterprise with global reach. Our mission is to contribute towards thriving, equitable and sustainable small-scale fishing communities in Africa and beyond, through the joint development of Technology For Good.
Coral Reef Rescue
Coral Reef Rescue Initiative is working to safeguard globally significant coral reefs and address the needs of communities that depend on them for survival.
The Small-Scale Fisheries Resource & Collaboration Hub (SSF Hub) is a multi-lingual and interactive space for those involved in small-scale fisheries around the world to learn, share, and grow together. We welcome you to join the SSF Hub Community!
OAK foundation
We provide financial support for organisational development and capacity building. This support helps partners grow stronger in terms of their organisational capacity, so that they can better attain their grant objectives and achieve their goals. We provide this support directly to partners through grants or by linking partners with consultants that Oak has established partnerships with.